The bus might not be as friendly as it looks...Enjoy the ride??
The bus might not be as friendly as it looks…Enjoy the ride??

Hello people, welcome to another blog post. In any place I find myself, I always like to spot any odd or funny thing I can talk or blog about and this has always been my unassigned job. I am going to share an experience I had about bus pollution since it inspired this write-up and to this effect, I have come to the conclusion on what “bus pollution” is about.

Yes, I know you are already thinking about the fumes of smoke from exhaust pipes that are usually associated with vehicles on our Nigerian roads but that is not the focus of this post. I actually want to write about the internal pollution i.e, the pollution that happens on a typical bus being occupied by passengers.

It was in my first year in the university and you know how freshers like to feel anytime they go for lectures? Well, I was on a bus going to school, feeling like a cool girl and basking in the excitement of being a university student while watching the buildings and parks whiz past me and also being alert for any passenger behavior when a putrid smell hit my nose and I automatically knew that someone had released one yeye gas. I kind of gave a cursory glance around to gage the audience when one fair aunty who sat beside me started giving me the “na you mess eye”. Jesus! This is unfair! Is it because she is yellow? So yellow people don’t fart abi? Must it be a dark person that would be the better fart choice? Nobody said anything but with the look that aunty was shooting at me I felt totally bad because she just fell my hand and reduced my chyking/fine girl status. I even begun suspecting her, you never can tell with yellow pawpaw dagger-eyed girl. To retaliate, I also pinned her with a disgusted look but I think hers had more effect than mine. Although I was falsely accused  I was glad when I got off the bus. She got the trophy, yaay!!!

Have you ever sat beside a person who has one funny odour or so in a jampacked bus? Ohmigosh! You’ll keep smelling yourself for any funny odour even when you get off the bus. It is way traumatic and never-ending.

As always guys, feel free to share your experiences below and share my posts with your friends, family, enemies etc. You can send me an email at igbogirlvibez@gmail.com. Till the next post guys!